Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Loitering (should have brought Noah along)

Yesterday, an old friend of mine mentioned something sweet. Something about this blog and the fact that I should write a book. You are too kind my friend, too kind I tell you. She also said that reading my blog is something that she looks forward to at the end of the week. Uh.uh. Apart from making me rasa terharu, it also makes me feel lousy for not updating more frequently. So girl, I am going full throttle from now on, just for you, semua benda nak tulis, tapi apa mau tulis dulu ya. (kalau by the end of the week dah luke warm tu harap maaf ya)

So my passport mati daaa. About 3 weeks ago. I had today planned for ages because ye la, timing is everything with Noah and getting the passport renewed today was so important sebab mau pergi United States of A next week ni. Nak holiday in Chicago, rumah Dhadi. I know, macam cartoon kan, she came here and then we go there. My dad would have a great sound effect just for that . "poooo gih..pooooo maghi". (repeat 3x to get the real effect). We are going because his uncles and aunts in America haven't seen him yet and he is already a year an a bit. Overused, but "he grows up so quickly" kan . Baru hari tu weaning sekarang dah makan nasi lauk ayam. Siap direct tangan Mummy suruh gaul then masuk mulut dia, diri sendiri tamau sentuh food. Aiyoooo.

So today I went to the Embassy in London. I took the train after sending Noah to his nursery. Biasalah mogok seeing me leave but now, as soon as I close the door behind me, terus senyap. Airmata hanya lakonan semata ya Noah.

They took my passport pictures there because the background has to be blue. After the 'adik' took my picture, he turned the camera around to ok it with me. Hoh, shivers tau. I must have aged 10 years since my last passport pictures. Also my hair looked like I have been through a wind tunnel tak pun iras mergastua geriatric. " Ok tak kak?" he asked me. Loh apa kakak nak cakap? Make me look 10 years younger please Gok? maybe he saw my disappointment, he offered solution siap " Kita boleh tangkap lagi sekali kak". Oh jadi adik ni setuju la kakak rupa macam kena putar dengan puting beliung. So kakak ni malas, ok aje lah that picture, but inside I was a little bit gundah.

So I had about 4 hours before I could pick up the new passport. No choice but to loiter. Must have been a good loiter because I ended up in Harvey Nichols. I am sure I was meant to go there anyway. In there I stumbled upon this thing called theBalm. Remember I said I wanted 10 years off? I don't know how the boy did it, but he somehow managed to make me buy everything he put on my face. Betul, not my fault. The product is sans parabane, but I am sure that's not the top reason why I bought them. Saya mahu kelihatan menawan!!!! So it sucks but I guess I am going to start putting some SPF on my face and a little bit of colour here and there.

Then, I went on more loitering and saw some of the most hideous looking dresses I have ever seen. One, looked like something you can only wear to go weeding in the garden with a big topi mengkuang, another is just another kaftan, one would wear going out to pasar malam. Guess how much these suckers are paying per dress? less than 500 pounds. That is without 50% off. Don't get me wrong, haram tak jealous dengan orang banyak duit but this is a crime. Fashion is a crime. Then, there is Jimmy Choos. Err...tell me again why they have to be 200 pounds after the discount? Then the bags. Oh my god the handbags. I saw some seriously possessed women in the handbag section. All touching, lifting, slinging, swinging, twirling and off to the next shoulder and the sequence repeated again. While doing the handbag macarena, their eyes darted across to other bags being touched by other women. I saw one woman buying 2 bags in the same design but in different colours. The trouble is they are hideous. Tak masuk akal ok. (Not the women, because they all had big fat designer glasses with manicured nails and toes also wearing what I can only imagine very expensive perfumes, keluar the kedai pening).

Rasa macam BBC undercover la pulak snap snap pictures, but then I was really unhappy about the ignorance that was surrounding me. Seriously, perlukah seseorang itu mempunyai bag yang berbintat bintat hina dan berat belum masuk apa apa dekat 5 kg? Gambar gambar upload nanti ok.

Selamat malam.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Daddy daycare.

Noah: Daddy, the sun is sinking.
Daddy: Yes Noah, daddy likes it when the sun sinks cos Mummy looks better in the dark.
Noah: Sorry Daddy, I terkentut.
Daddy: Nice one Noah.
Noah: Daddy, is Mummy still taking pictures?
Daddy: Just keep your eyes closed. When she's not looking we'll leg it.

I finished my night on call at 08:30 and rushed to the nursery to give Noah his morning milk feed. When I got there he is already napping. I crept up to his crib and watched him snooze. He still had tears running down his cheeks. The sheet stained water stain a little. He must have cried himself to sleep. Tired sangat agaknya.Mummy rasa senak semacam in the middle of the chest just watching you still tersedu. Thank God it's my last night. So Mummy terpaksa heavy heartedly drove home, drove past IKEA, thinking I'd pick up a mattress on the way. Sekali tak buka lagi. Actually no shops open at 8:45.

So, siapa nak minum susu you ni Noah? I have expressed about 8 oz and I guess I'll just stash it away in the freezer. Tengok susu, tengok your toys, terus hiba lagi. So much making up to do this weekend.

Talking about this weekend, it's father's day. It's the first ever for Daddy. How exciting for daddy!...Hmmmm...What should we do? Shall we pretend that we forgot completely? While you are sleeping mister, I am going to clean up the house and you're going to think about what to do for Daddy.

I am also thinking, I never wished my Dad happy father's day. Is it too late to start?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ibu mertua ku.

Nampak gayanya, Aunty D, aka Cik Doyah aka Aunty Didie adalah pembaca setia blog Mummy ye Noah and Cik T also starting to read. So we must write in Melayu banyak sikit so Cik T can giggle giggle bila Mummy tulis lawak lawak. Must say I do try.

Mummy tengah on call ni. Baru lepas sort out a few epidurals and entering the details in the computer. So testing ok, bila kena cucuk orang dalam kesakitan yang sambil itu masih mencarut carut dan meronta ronta. How la to cucuk a moving target yang macam itu. Ala ala main darts tau. Tapi biasalah instead, Mummy guna power of persuasion by touch macam Wolverine's girlfriend. (Dah tengok movie ni belum ? Tengok ok, Mummy bagi rating 8/10). So the woman in pain terus tak sakit lagi. Senyum aje. Yeaaa.

Tadi masa Mummy tengah pok pek2 dengan patient there's this midwife datang dengan happynya dan excitednya saying "Doctor, you've just had a baby didn't you? I remember you with a bump". Mummy sumpah tak tahu nama dia. Mummy pun dengan bangga cakap " Yes, a year ago now I had Noah". Biasanya Mummy bila cakap pasal Noah, ada kembang kuncup sikit itu posterior. tadi extra pula. This midwife was pregnant at the same time as Mummy and she had a baby boy too. His name is Jacob. Wah semua nama Nabi nabi. Tak kisah lah Jacob ke Yaacob ke it's after the same person. In your case Noah, it's after the prophet Nuh. Sebab tu Mummy and Daddy panggil kamu Nunuh. Just so you know, Uncle Nik always asks you "Mat Nuh, oooo Mat Nuh, mana kapal kauuuuu". Coming from him, Mummy rasa kelakar tu.

Tengoklah kalau Mummy start tulis mesti merapu and it gets so long and digressing here and there. It's very hard to stick to the topic. If there is one that is. Apa Mummy tengah fikir ya. Tengah fikir aiyaaa, esok mak mertua is coming to stay. Plus point ialah, bolehla Mummy keluar dating with Daddy. You Dhadi will jaga you and you can mesra mesra with her. Minus point is, in that spare room, tak ada bed, tak ada mattress. Penuh buku. Imagine buku Mummy since med school plus buku Daddy since med school plus buku Mummy beli on "how to make Noah happy and content", "how to make Noah's belly big" and "how to make Noah sleep like Daddy" -sleep through an earth quake. So, where do we put your Dhadi ni Noah?

Before Mummy got in the car to go to work, Daddy mimed sambil jarinya mengisyarat kotak empat segi "Tomorrow after work, must buy a mattress". Mummy hangguk aje sambil bagi flying kiss. Daddy tangkap masuk pocket. Biasalah Daddy membadutkan diri. Tapi he fikir Mummy punya Renault megane ni macam transformer ke boleh tukar jadi truck? How la to angkut the tilam. Uh uh pening.

Must go kena bleep. Lagi sorang mau kena cucuk sebab mau beranak ikut tingkap.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Noah is 1

I think there is some sort of an optic illusion going on in this picture. If you check out the size of the Krispy Kreame donuts and Noah's face, you will notice that they are about the same. Freaky lah Noah. Muka you macam doughnut!It's ok doughnut face, you are only turning one. There is so much growing up to do and many more cakes to massacre.

This is a few weeks ago when Noah turned one. We had Aunty Sabah over who'd checked Noah's teeth because she is the best dentist in the world and and who also baked the loveliest cake for Noah's birthday but had to leave before other guests arrived because she wanted to hit the road early to catch the Apprentice on TV. Anyhoooo,We wuv you and we we wuv the beanbags, they are so snuggebs smitchum scmummsstcha! She is also going to be super rich from cleaning teeth all day and making people feel bad about having dentures, and drives a super cool car which is so much better than the Nissan micra she's ditching. Oh yes and she is also single and available. She will only accept a marriage proposal from a tall dark and handsome man who is taller than her. She is a giant.

Like I said a long time ago, I write in here unedited so excuse my thought process. I am just super tired from last night on call. I guess Noah's Daddy is even more tired from driving and looking after Noah at night while Mummy's at work.

So, sayang, Semoga Noah jadi anak yang soleh dengan tinggi budi pekerti. Mummy and Daddy love you so much. Happy first Birthday pumpkin.

Monday, June 01, 2009

His first wedding.

Marilah nak cerita.

So, in between meraung sakan bila dengar bunyi bagpipe and crawling all over the lawn, Noah managed to flirt at Mummy and Daddy's friend's wedding. Suka betul dia when the groom's 2 year old niece came up to him with some sweeties. Either dia strategically was trying to rampas the candy atau memang saja saja flirt dengan suit handsome dia tu, yang pasti mereka kelihatan sungguh comel. Mummy tak jumpa cari conservative looking suit, so she main taram ajalah colour pink. Hopefully that doesn't scar him for life. From a certain angle he does look like a banker.

At the wedding biasalah, kawan kawan lama berjumpa kembali. Ak warned me that I should look pretty at the wedding because it would be the first time after nearly ten years we all escaped the medical school. Apa lagi terus lah I panic. Rasa pressure semacam. Dalam hati yeke, kena ke. I know he is joking but as always my mantra is, there is always a 50% truth in a joke, kalau tak kenapa ada yang terasa bila joking kan kan? Arkhhh presssure.

So, this is how he helped me to look pretty. I asked his opinion, if I should wear the new dress I bought last week, or this dress (which is a ruby coloured dress I wore to almost all of the weddings I have been to except for one because the bridesmaids were wearing the exact same dress- from Monsoon, -so close). I wore it so many times, I could call that dress my go-to-any- wedding dress. He said wear the red one. Which is the ruby one. Great help husband dearest. I'd be worried if he knows what colour ruby is. Oh well what's another wedding going to do to a dress. So tak terpakai la that new dress.

Secondly, of all places to stop and get done up, we stopped at a harware store selling parts for tractors in the middle of nowhere, where I got changed. So dalam kelam kabut, couldn't find earrings to match my necklace, the mirror in the bathroom was only showing my forehead, and I used my lipstick for everything on the face. Lovely stuff.

Oh well it's a Scottish - Sudanese wedding anyway, there were too many weird and wonderful stuff going on there. I don't think anybody noticed my klutsy ensamble. I hope.

There were African dance and bellydance which Noah enjoyed very much. Busta move Noah! Busta move.

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