Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Friendship lost

True, I have embarked on a new journey, treading unchartered waters. Not alone, and I am loving every second . He is my missing eye, my missing ear, my missing piece.

Standing where I am now, I could see, that the trail I left behind weren't as insignificant as I thought it would be. I have inflicted pain, bruised, wounded and scarred a few people.

Inadvertently, I stirred friendships. Caused wedge between people. It may seemed like I was fully conscious when I was in the situation, but now that I have stepped back well away from it all, I dare mutter why. Why that I led people on when I wasn't sure, why couldn't I say no and why was I happy playing naive.

"We were just friends" is not good enough. I was expected to know better.

Given chance I would do it differently, then maybe we would still be friends. But then again why would you want to be friends with somebody like me.

Forgive me.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Knocked up

Uhhh's odd to write again after nearly a year. I guess a summary would be a good start but suffice to say I am knocked up. Weheyyy!! (Buekkkkkkkkkkkk!!!) muntah.

My feeling, - it's hard to get overly excited when 'morning sickness' is ruling my world at the moment. But one precious feeling I do get is the flutter in my stomach whenever he talks to my belly button pretending that the little 'parasite' now probably the size of a tomato is a girl and her name is Sophia. My husband is odd, a lovely odd.

Now morning sickness, I've decided to dedicate my time to help those in search of simple tips/ solutions to morning sickness or in my case anytime anywhere sickness. I can't guarantee all of them will work but no harm in trying. One thing to remember, it will pass by 14-16 weeks, so I was told, and I am a desperate believer.

1. I find that eating small amount but frequent helps. As soon as the food gets in, the air gets out which then gives me the temporary relief. I burp so much and so loudly these days it's hard to pretend it wasn't me. I am the gas.

2. The sort of food to eat, bland food. Not too greasy, gentle on the olfactory. Potato, toast, rice, crackers. Belacan petai and the likes, urghh, stay away from. Try avoiding foods that have strong smell, they for one , make me green by the gills.

3. As soon as you wake up, eat. I usually have toast and cold milk. Seem to work but I found out about this only recently. Some people have some snacks in bed before they actually wake up. Whichever works for you.

4. Take vitamin B6 supplement and also ginger based foods. Ginger tea, ginger sweets, crystallized ginger. Medical trials showed improvement in symptoms compared to placebo, so go crazy.

5. Avoid stuffy, hot, underventilated areas. Once I get into work, I am ok. The reason why I get relief is probably because the air in there, changes up to 22 times per hour.

My take on morning sickness is that there must be a good reason why it happens. Firstly it occurs in such a distinctive period when the cells are actively dividing and trying to congregate and form purpose -organs and secondly, it's a way to protect us from feeding the baby smelly food. Smelly food can't be good for a wee thing.

I am sure there are more tips out there but these are the ones that I found useful to me. Try them but do listen to what your body tells you too.

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