Thursday, June 22, 2006

See You Tomorrow

Bad news.

I am a bad sister. Little sister is now bigger than me. And soon she'll be away. Quite far in the land of sushi. I know she's worked hard, played hard that's why she's the colour of mocha at the moment. Hitam manis is nice but mocha is neither here nor there.

But I love my sister, I miss her dearly. At the moment, all i can think of is the fact that she hates squid's head. Tentacles. Seems very little that I know about her, which is probably true. I was away when she was born and i was away further when she was growing up. And we don't really talk all that much.

But just now she gave me a missed call. So I called back.

It came to the bit where I said, so I will see you tomorrow, what do you want me to bring from home? I am going to Kuala Lumpur from Kota Bharu tomorrow you see. I say Kuala Lumpur because I am not a Kuala Lumpuran, so saying KL makes me feel out of place. Having said that I feel more at home in York's Mark's and Spencer than KB Mall.

I know I have that Harry Potter book that she wanted, I have her favourite Kiwi mug, I have the silver pendant I bought from NEXT and the Tea tree stuff I bought from Body shop today (because that's the only thing that can stop karakatoa from erupting off her nose) all packed for her tomorrow. So I was hoping for her to say 'No i don;t need anything else. Thank you'.

1. You know that Chemistry book? Chemistry Focus Mastery , pelangi publisher, aaa...yes..can you bring that one. Actually, can you bring ALL my Chemistry books?

2. I need my dictionary. You know the red one, the BIG one , you go to my room, by the cupboard, next to the window, below the hills, and in between the meadows right under the waterfall and stuck right in front of a big lemon I said yes yes I'll find it.

3. Oh and and and, can you bring fork and spoon? Hehehehehe

Now I remember why I used to bite her a lot. See you tomorrow trouble.


My feet are definitely not bigger than yours, err...wait....

I am not sure if there's been any research done on this particular phenomena, but I notice that people tend to form a very special kind of bond when they have a particular person or thing that they can bitch about.

Do people talk about global warming? or about the goodness of breastmilk? or about which artist is wearing what, doing when and farting where? Who is what, married to who now having an affair with who, who in turn sleeping with who, who is also seeing who. Whatever it is, it is definitely something people do without shame, and it brings people together. How is it that talking about some losers who definitely don't give a shit about you, give you that much pleasure and occupies that much of your time?

But sometimes, people just want their affairs broadcasted to the world so people can celebritized them.

I was waiting for the sun to tame down on that third island. So I eased my lazy bum onto a lazy chair, attempted to irritate Mr. Rugby picking on his foot. My attempt to snorkel didn't actually get anywhere because there was far too much rocky bits and i scratched my knees. Not to mention a woman dressed in white who's evidently stepped on some sea urchins. Later on we gave her dirtly looks because she was definitely told to pee on her foot.

But this is better. Feint behind us a Malay woman shouted.

You memang tak guna tau tak blablabla, you memang tak paham, i kan dah bagitahu blablabla

The Malay man then said yang you gatal p****t tu apesal. Tak sedar diri blablabla

A moment later the woman walked off and came to our view as she sauntered towards the sea. She was petite, her face dejected, longed for a man to hug her and whisper kind words. Words that are gentle, almost like a promise that the argument will simmer, and that they just need some time apart, not a holiday in Phuket together.

My guess was, the woman must have been going out with her ex while the man is away on some overseas trip. The woman felt lonely because his phone calls where scanty. The woman told the man. But, the man actually met up with his ex while on the business trip, that's why he had no time to ring. He then took out the guilt on the honest woman who actually told him that she agreed to have a friendly lunch with her ex.

Sometimes when the sun is scorching, the tide is low and the corals are just a nuisance (probably remnants from Tsunami), the best thing to do is, to sit back and watch the people, listen to the sea, the people and appreciate, the time that you are given to unwind. No arguments, (i tried to pick one but Mr. Rugby is a gentleman who easily gives in), no theatre lists, no train to catch, no groceries to buy, no bedtime, and the time slows down, almost just for you.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Pain? what pain?

Yesterday I didn't do well.

The reception to the dental surgery was very welcoming but I, was actually having a crescendo feeling of impending doom.

I have a small crack on one of the incisors from a fall years ago. Aging process dictates that this crack develops caries. So it needed a filling. And the drilling always gives me shivers.

Not to mention toes curling hands choreing and neck stiffening.

So I sat down on the apple green chair. The chair fell backwards slowly, and the lights beamed on me. SHOWTIME!!!!

"nanti nanti, err you boleh put local tak". I asked dengan muka cemas.

"kalau I letak local lagi sakit from the injection. sikit je" she mumbled with the mask on. I can so tell she's thinking I gila.

Filling pun nak local. gila apa perempuan ni.
The drill came closer.

"nanti nanti, err kan ada lignocaine pallett tu, u letak before inject local", I was desperate.
She definitely thought I was the perempuan gila she never hope to meet.

"ok ok, ni selalu i bagi kids je". She jeered. Ah lantak kids ke foetous ke janji tak sakit. The lignocaine topical pallett tasted like strawberry. I likkeee.

So drilling started, I was very pleased i actually felt like humming to myself.

Not only it was painless, she did a good job too. But as usual the numbness can cause erratic facial palsy which causes some difficulty with facial expressions and formation of some words.

While writing in my treament card, she added"eh jap miss, you jangan gigit benda benda keras ok nanti gigi u mana tahu gugur" she smiled. I smiled back without moving my top lips. I caught a glimpse of that one in the side mirror. Horror!

" eh what did you say you do for living" she asked, trying to make a last minute chat.
I on the other hand saw this as a cue to cabut, " heneshtshesis, heheheh byeee".

I left very quickly. i hope they thought I needed a wee.

Today, I..

So I have this compulsion to write and write.

Not that I am bored or family is ignoring me because I am now the colour "burnt oak" on the Dulux 1994 colour chart. It's like flu, you just have to nurse it, till you get better.

I actually went out today for a number of reasons.

1. They forgot that when they actually hand in the key for a certain property, there is a possibility that people might want to live in that property so, ideally the toilets should be functioning. But So I took the complain sheet with 12 complaints on it to the developer office. 7 was basically just on toilets. They then didn't bother telling me that the office has been moved, so I made one of the guys met me at...err..KFC. That was probably the highlight of the day. Also, I mastered the art of looking without actually being seen looking. The guy had a hickie. 3!! on one side. How do I know? I remembered being shown one, once on somebody else.

2. Met another fella for the Takaful insurance yearly top up. He didn't have a hickie. I think he hasn't been grabbed by any hickie monster. His face seemed balanced, fair tall with a gush factor and a good salesman as well! Why do you think I got sucked into it? But whenever I think a Kelantan man is good looking, there is normally something wrong somewhere else to balance the looks. Physical pallarva aside, I still think takaful is the best one around.

3. Completely unplanned but i did plan to go home. And i remember Cik T's fridge looking like it has chicken pox all over and in the night it coughs like a Hack's man . Like it has tuberculosis. I found a store that does home delivery for free so I got a free ride home and a fridge.

The Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Ley

This is where the water was bluest and sand was whitest. If I could describe it with words I would have but lucky me I had my camera and the picture was thankfully a close resemblance.

But needless to say you have to be there to be absorbed by the proud festoons that make Phi Phi islands. As the boat rode the gentle waves towards the modest beach, I fought my anxiety evenmore. How could a beach be so beautiful, how could the water complement it so perfectly. How could I not sigh helplessly.

Here and here and here, got really really sore from being baked in the sun.

What equally fascinated me was the 3 Arabic katoeys (read: ladyboys) in the same boat as Mr. Rugbyand me. The sea was very choppy at some point and I knew I was going to make a lot of noise because I always do. But guess who screamed the loudest? No, not mr. Rugby although I saw a wet patch at the front of his tight swimming "trunk". He insisted it wasn't bodily fluid.

The 3 katoeys. One had a Pharoah's nose, one looked like a saudagar minyak dab and the other, cute with rosy cheeks but Adam's apple the size of a lemon. I didn't eat much at lunch. I wasn't seasick.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I predict

This is my forecast, Brasil and Germany - Final World Cup.

Maybe it is just the way my radar picks up wrong wavelengths. I tend to end up hanging out with people who are not actually into football. Pardon me, I mean men who are not into footie.

Last week in Phuket, after Banana closed at 2am, I was looking for a place I could watch a particular match. Mr. Firefighter had an umbrella. So between Mr. Firefighter, Mr. Rugby and me, there was this umbrella barely covering any of us because the rain was so anarchist.

We found one barely open or barely closed depending on which way you look at it because the French owner was there. That was after the blackout during which a goal was scored by Kaka. ##%^&**&%$#@#$^

Here I noticed that Mr. Firefighter was flirting with a bargirl and attracting a flower lady while Mr. Rugby had to go for a ciggy because it was past his bedtime. Mr. Rugby smokes but not in my presence.


But then let me know if anybody had a free 69 from a French, best seat for a live footie and bunch of Thai roses all in one night. It's a deal very hard to beat.

Paying a friend

I would say, to call a day a good day, you should have at least learnt one thing in that day.

Today I learnt that it's very difficult to pay your friend for his service.

Yesterday dad took one of his electrician friends to put lights in my house. I left it all up to the experienced. I didn't say anything because I knew it was going to be taken care of. Plus I wasn't going to spend anymore time leaving that house dark and de-occupied. I might find a cross breed between musang and katak living harmoniously in a small mu-tak ecosystem the next time I go there.

So then, all doors ajar, all 15 lights competed against each other, the house was glowing like a UFO. I actually liked the feeling of these lights falling on the semak samun which has grewn macam kena suruh suruh all around the house. Some raindrops glistening. Yes, it has been raining daily since I came back from Phuket.

Then the payment time. I gave 200 RM. Dad put another 50. He said it's ok 200 is enough. Dad put another 50, so there was 300. He said dad was being silly. Dad laughed and they both laughed. Silly men, don't want money give me lah.

I wonder how good it must feel, say if in 10 years time if I put one of my friends to sleep she/he wakes up and starts insisting that I get another extra 1000 RM. Because I didn't let him/her die.

On the way back I exchanged silence with dad. I felt so grown up yet alone. Dad sat next to me while I kept my head straight and the night was snaking past. I wonder if he's proud of me.

Monday, June 19, 2006


Testing testing scrubber to blogger come in you bugger. I must apologize for the utter visual insult this blog might cause if you are viewing via Mozilla Firefox, which I have just done myself.

I am getting blue patches everywhere I look myself.

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