Thursday, December 25, 2014


I am not sure why today particularly, but as I sit here, putting the last stitch on that rip on my jeans, listening to the rythmic sound of my third child breathing through the Tommy baby monitor..I just felt an overwheming sense of gratefulness that I just need to word this feeling.

Its like looking up to the heavens above with shards of raindrops jarring down, in organized commotion in hypersilence, such that it rings in my ear. The smell is fresh, I am soaked through, its almost painful ..but its all a big gift and I thank you,
 for listening to my prayer,
I am sinful and I am full of remorse,
how is all that forgiven?
I am overflowing, such is your power.
Thank you, how could I not be grateful.

What a shame, I need to ask for more.

Show me how oh my Lord, how I could not drown in them, while I am still trapped in this time space existance.

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