Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Cokodok Chocablok

Deepa came to the flat afterwork. I wanted to go online. I wanted to join the hu ha. No I shouldn't. So, study we did.

Two pages of pharmacodynamics later I was talking about the farkwit. An hour later I realized I was talking about the farkwit.Deepa tried to look sympathetic but I know she thinks I am funny.Damn life is unfair.

When is this exam again? November ..yes? I don't think we are ready.I am not going to waste £570 to let some smart ass say 'sorry you failed'.It's a bloody expensive way to realize you have been denying that you are going to fail.

Then again 2 ways of looking at is, if you don't plan to take the exam, will you ever start being serious about studying? On the other hand, is it fair and kind to yourself to ram everything in 3 months?

When is it that studying stops and living your life starts? Have I been postponing the latter such that at times I feel rather aimless and uncertain?

She finished the last 6 remaining cokodok from last night. How I thought about making cokodok pisang still baffles me. She was suppose to have 3 and three for Sorub. Poor guy kempunan cokodok pisang. You'll get your share soon. Promise.

Tampon in the mouth

Mr. Singh is a middle aged surgeon, born and trained in Malaysia. Receeded chin, sparse hair and wild wild white eyebrows. Honestly I'd snip them to shape if he'd let me.

First time I met him was in the coffee room. I was complaining about how we are treated as second class NHS employees. Ada ke kena bawak kopi ngan tea bag sendiri!!! oh yah and sugar of course. He walked in, slouched with a SEXYMOMMA mug...pink colour. His respond to my comments interests me. There was something about him. The brows!! they take over his face! Duh . Naj is so jahat. He started asking me what specialty I was doing....and did I ask him back, as one would ?? NO..why? because I thought he was one of the porters!!.

At the precise moment that I knew that he was one of the surgeons, I cringed and prayed for the milk dispenser to just swallow me, or I would just blend in with the floor..so de malu.

So today I did his tonsillectomy list, of course Venkat the reg was around. We needed to pack the throat and he passed me a box. What's in it? Tampons!!! I froze with the magill in my hand. 'You want me to put this in his mouth?' and all 5 pairs of eyes looked at me. Bill cracked up and throwed a fit in the corner..naj smiled half heartedly. Oh dear..

Monday, August 23, 2004

One sick farkwit

kh>call me
kh>mish u
kh>wake up barbie doll
* Kh snuggles between najs thighs

What is the matter with this ****? An attempt to get in my knickers? There wasn't any closure. There was never anything between us..he said so. I accepted it, I'm not his type, and I don't think he is to me. The situation is abysmally dire.. Rude is probably an understatement.Moron. Which bone is his body doesn't understand? I am not licking back my own spit.Period
Who is he? I'll tell you who he is..oh yes i will

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Fitness first or money first?

Called up Fitness First people today to cancel my membership since this ghostly town hasn't one that I can just transfer to. To my dismay, they need the cancellation in writing and because it has past the 15th of this month, they are going to have to take September fee and only then it can get cancelled. How do i go about avoiding this? I know I'll just cancel the direct debit habis cerita. Legal ke buat macam tu? Why is the system such a way ?
What do I do for gym then?

I am convinced that I have people out there who owe me money. I've drafted plan A

1. Claim removal expenses Hull-Grimsby £125
2. Claim toll and commuting milage for 10 days- err..no idea £5 per day so that's £50
3. Send removal claim To Linda Clark (oh she's a nice lady I wish all secretaries are like her) £240
Total= £415
That will definitely go to tabung kawen. Hurrah hurrah!*fingers crossed*

The banks need to know I am now in kampung Grimsby as well, so more letters to write...and stamps!!! Dear dear me tomorrow is Sunday though..another Sunday and it'd be a better one.

Low battery

I was told that this is going to be a 1 in 5 rota. Then how come i've had 3 on calls this week??I am so knackered.
Night before last 390 bleep had a low battery. I kept ignoring the warning. I came to the flat at 2 am to just try and see if I could do the on call from the flat. I don't mind that room off B2 ward, the bed is lovely and the desk is bigger. I just hate the passing clonking noise of the passersby. I woke up 9:30 and i thought uuuweyyy i slept like a log undisturbed. Didn't have to even wake up to some 'ulat' asking for cannula service. This is what happened last Saturday

Time: 2am
beep* beep*
*eyes shut* *Deep breath*...*smile*
Naj: on call anaesthetist ...
*uh uh where did that oh-I'm-so-awake -nothing-is-too-much-trouble come from??auto-pilot mode resume.
Ulat: ..err I mm.. sorry to trouble you. Emm i've tried 3 times and i think the patient is fed up now.
Oh ulat.
Naj: Come again? what? who' u? what have u tried?
*oh gawwwwwwwwddd*
Ulat: oh sorry I'm one of the surgical house officers, and this patient needs 12 am cefuroxime dose...and I've tried 3 times and the reg has gone to bed

*he's gone to bed??what am I doing then??partial bloody shift???
Naj :Ok..your reg should do it really. Why don't you do that , give him a bleep and get back to me if that doesn't work? Is that ok?
Ulat: oh ok. Thank you very much.Sorry
Get back to me? What was I thinking?? It's August and all ulats are new at this time of year. Give em a break. Plus she said thank you. I knew what it was for..yea i don't shout to ulats..they are comel really, just irritating and creepy crawly. Can't live with them can't live without them.

I went to the kitchen to make coffee and the 'after-bleep' reminder kept beeping. I hurried to the living room and scuffed through piles of papers and books and last night's muller peel-off cover??euugghhh Naaaaaaaaaajjjj!!! I am so disgusting that needs to go in the bin.

I looked at the bleep and there it was. 3 bleeps. One of which was the switch board. Crap! I'm in trouble. Why did i not hear it. It says low battery..but but i am a light sleeper anyway. Damn. why did i leave it the living room. Bad bad bad girl. I so hate myself right now.

Went back to the room and do apa-patut to my face and rushed out. Crap. McNeil's cell saver logbook proposal. Rushed back up and got the paper. Printed it out on the back of one of the aprraisal sheets. He is so going to know that I did it last minute and had not put much thought into it, and I am so not up this cell saver audit type project. Wait..urghh got a spot on the left cheek.more crap

I brisk walked to the department and the audit meeting has started. I looked at Samaan. He didn't give one of those I-will-kill you look at me. Just a glanced past where I was sitting. Deepa said something about critical incident report. So the takut. Did anybody die? ...

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