Sunday, August 31, 2008


For Malaysia, it is the independence day today. I only realized that when I was trying to update the car taxdisc online. Selamat Merdeka. Hmmm Betulkah kita sudah merdeka? Also tomorrow is the first day of fasting. Fasting and brestfeeding, I have a slight anxiety there. Can I hack it?

Selak dan belek blog-blog yang ada, rata rata wanita Malaysia suka makan ya? Hampir semua suka menampal gambar gambar makanan yang mereka makan. Oh saya pun suka tengok gambar makanan. Siapa tak suka makan. Makan , minum sex. Suka semua. Sebab tu lah ada Ramdhan untuk manusia.

Lari topic pulak. Kalau gambar makanan sahaja biasalah tu, tapi ada juga mereka yang membangga diri akan betapa pelahapnya mereka. Lebih suka mereka bercakap mengenai berat badan mereka, wah bangga sekali akan kejahilan mereka akan sifir ringkas untuk memiliki berat badan didalam kurungan BMI yang selamat. Orang Malaysia makin gemuk, kerana makanan semakin kaya dengan kolesterol, gaya hidup makin menghampiri cara manusia diangkasa dalam movie Wall-E.
Tapi wanita, jika wanita dalam keluarga itu gemuk, hampir sentiasa benar, keluarga itu akan gemuk.

Alaaa, orang nak tulis panjang panjang lagi pasal merdeka, dia dah bangun. Noaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Pain in the thumb

When it comes to muggy Sundays, it used to be..ahhhh cuppa tea, a good book and a box of chocolate under the duvet. No one to care for, no one to answer to. If I wasn't on call that is.

Today, Sunday, cuppa tea and a handful of drugs. I exaggerate, just a tablet of Pregnacare, a fish oil and some brufens. Not quite a druggie yet but getting there, I just can't live without brufen now. The pain in my thumbs are killing me. Poor Noah has to endure the spastic maneuver of random toss and turn to get him into position for his feeds. Better that than dropping him on the floor if I insist on using my thumbs.
I shudder at the very thought.

I believe that the pain in my thumbs is De Quervain tenosynovitis. Apparently, it's also called Mother's thumb as it is seen in many breastfeeding mothers. But how common? back then brestfeeding mothers also wash nappies by hands and the repetitive wringing action could be the reason.

Google failed to answer me, and I am not anywhere near any of my Orthpods to ask this question. If it is a repetitive strain injury, what repetitive movement have I been doing? I am still in search of the answer.

So far, for damage control, Ak nicked a thumb spica from the hospital. I have been wearing it when I am out with Noah to Tesco mostly because of the lifting. I mean Noah and his car seat is not getting any lighter, at 8 weeks his weight was 6.3 kg and in 4 days he will be 3 months and my guess is ...7 kg? more? We shall see at his routine check up.

Although, in the last week he slowed down a bit with his feeding during the day and dropped his night feeds to just once. I worry that it might have something to do with the 4 hour walk we did in the dales near West Burton over the weekend. On top of that, the 4 hour drive up the motorway. It must have taken toll on his body, but having said that how many women can honestly say that they've flashed their boobies at some cows and sheep? I think a couple of people walked past us as well and apparently I took no notice. Oh I am such a slut.

Noah was great though. He was enjoying the plush clean air, the many colours of greens, the waterfall and the musty smell about it, the sheep, the stinking smell of manure and my constant poking at his hat to make sure he's not looking straight at the sun. Can babies wear shades?

Compared to watching Wall-e at the VUE 3 weeks before that, I have to agree with his Daddy, that this is good for him. I thought Ak was joking when he suggested that we brought an eight week old baby to the cinema. Well apart from his 10 o'clock feed, he was awake probably just enough to catch a glimpse of Wall-e before having a Wall-e dream for the rest of the morning. I'm glad we went up to see Poopoo Sabah and I am glad Ak made us go out on a hike. Still not sure about Wall-e.

ah Looks like somebody is up from his morning nap. Toodles.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Little buddy

You are such a simple creature.
WaaaWaaaaWaaa.... a little boobie action and a little while later a smile from ear to ear.

Eiighhhheighhheighh...change your nappy and a smile with a bit of coo and a delightful shriek. You love your changing mat I am beginning to call it a magic mat. You are indeed your daddy's boy.

Yawn 3 times, a 7 mile stare and a couple of long blinks later, you are away in your little dreamland. I wish sometimes you are awake a little bit longer buddy.

I worry sometimes that - Mommy is not good enough for you.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Stop the Clock

Officially this year, I am older. Not just because the age counter flipped and said so, more so, I feel so.

I never gave a hoot about age before, still am not, but what I have been through in the past two years beckoned a re-examination of my sojourn in this lifetime. So as the counter adds another year I trust myself to be another year wiser.

I certainly am content and am beginning to let go of some wishes that I have because I know it's worldly and material driven. Tell me who doesn't like a day of Spa treatment or another diamond ring or any other worldly possessions? But that's sometimes what you might get when you actually don't wish for anything other than love from those you love.

The moment that I love about that day I turned 32 was seeing the man who stole my heart standing outside the Spa centre, with the best gift of all in his arms, slumbering away into the baby dreamworld.

Tired I guess from planning Mommy's surprised birthday party.

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