Tuesday, February 17, 2009


My husband calls me a retard and I call him lame.

On his way to work some time last week he told me a joke on the phone. I was feeding Noah breakfast.

' A daddy tomato, a mummy tomato and a baby tomato were walking. The baby tomato lagged behind. Daddy tomato said come on baby tomato. They continued walking again.
The baby tomato was lagging again.
The Daddy tomato turned around and walked towards baby tomato.
He stomped and squished the baby tomato.
Ket-chup he said'

I was quiet for a while.

I was going to laugh, not because it was funny, but because it was just so lame and so wrong on so many levels.

All in My Head.

Ahhhhh...time to myself. Ak is doing night on call and Noah is in his dreamworld. A world where the river flows 'susu', trees are made of cheese and everything else is made of Petits Filous. Hmmm..kata Noah.

I have so much on my mind at the moment. The inevitable going back to work anxiety for one. Ingat lagi ke kat mana nak cucuk, berapa dose bupivacaine nak inject, kat mana butang ventilator, how to bag-mask ventilate? Please please lah let it be just like riding a bike. Although, in the third year medical school I ended up in A&E nearly splitting my face in two because I rode a bike. Actually that's not true, correction, more like, it's because I was silly. I thought the coolest thing to do when one rides down a steep hill is to let go of one's handle bar. So not funny bila ingat2 balik. Anyway, I am back at work in a months time. Phoh phoh boleh boleh look alive look alive.

Noah going to the nursery is the second. I've found a nursery literally sepenanak nasi away from the hospital. Nasi masak pakai electric cooker ok bukan pakai dapur kayu aci tiup tiup dengan buluh. I have also had a look around and I guess you can't get a better nursery than that. It's all pretty standard (macam la pernah hantar anak to nursery before). He is becoming increasingly aware of separation, like this morning when his daddy left to go for a run he cried. He is also becoming quite fussy with food. Kalau boleh semua food nak campur Petits Filous. Maybe I should let him go cold turkey on this little treat. He's been holding himself out for sweet things at the end of the meal. Babies I tell you, they are smarter than you think.

Noah's small head. I went to the baby clinic at our GP surgery, you know to get him plotted on the graph and things. He is 9.85 kg at 8 months. Still on the same centile line but his head circumference has gone down 2 centile lines. Otak tidak berkembang? Kurang stimulation? I thought I've been monkeying myself enough to get him stimulated.Terkinja kinja people say when it comes to taking him out for a walk. Lompat sana lompat sini. Angsa also risau when they look at me. I think in this case the saying good things come in small packages is not something you want to be ecstatic bout.

Whatelse is on my mind. Noah is not crawling yet. He'd rather just sit there for hours and hours looking at the same thing over and over again. Tak boring ke Noah. I used to think great, I can watch One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls, again and again and again, but now, snooping around other mumsies' blog, I can't help but compare Noah with their crawly babies. Maybe because he is tubby. Noah + tubby. Nubby.

What's good though, Noah now claps his hands when I sing nursery rhymes and wiggle his bottom, OMG nak gigit gigit. Dah gigit pun, of course he wasn't impressed. He would imitate me when I say Mama. I said mama then he said mama. Then again then again. Macam burung kakaktua. Arghhh gigit lagi. He is getting skilled with finger foods now, cheese, pitta bread, toasts, carrot sticks, meja also kalau boleh he wants to chomp on.

Oh boy so many things, on top of that we are moving to a new house this weekend. I am imagining being so tired by the end of it, Ak and I would pass out, unaware that Noah would choose this moment to finally crawl to the nextdoor neighbour and ask for some food.

Ok ngantuk, nak tidur. Belum apa apa dah pening. What la.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Blue Scrubs Boys.

I woke up to the balcony covered with fluffy white snow. My first thought was- Noah!!! It's your first snow!Come jump up and down! Terus dia lompat and somesault lagi. Baru 7 bulan laa, bohong aje. Nowadays he gets excited when I get excited. So easy. Even when there is no reason to get excited. But back yard covered with snow, no better reason to get excited kan Noah kan.

So we walked along the river, made a snow angel, fed the ducks and the geese and chase the ducks and the geese, said hi to the snow man and the snowman's son and we played on the swing.We did loads and Noah was giggling non stop. Everytime he giggled kan rasa nak ghaarrr geget geget but his daddy was willing to stand in untuk kena gigit. Martyr nya.

I was overwhelmed by guilt when I took pictures of Noah and his Daddy. Pilu and sayu rasanya.

I am guilty because we have to move again so I can start my job. Soon. So the time we have to spend in the backyard might be shorter than we thought we had. Time huh, just how do you win.

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