Thursday, May 28, 2009

Noah on canvas

A week ago, it felt like I was robbed when the Pixifoto girl told me the total amount for all the pictures that I chose. Terkebil kebil kejap. I think I let out a small nervous cough too when I eventually handed the money.

Yesterday when I went to pick up the pictures, I thought "Just how did they do it?". One minute I thought Woh!! free potrait session for Noah so off we went , and the next, I was paying for 20 more.

*Scratch head*

Monday, May 25, 2009

Bleeding money

Bloody hell. I have to stop. I fear that If I do continue, I am going to have to chew the table to stop myself from screaming. Don't ask me why the table, maybe because Noah has been chewing on the chairs instead.

I was actually looking for the invoice from the nursery and a small voice in my head keeps saying that Noah must have eaten it or Ak must have used it to scribble at the back of it and tucked it away as he does to any bits of paper that he has written on. I just cannot find the damn paper. They left me a message on the phone to say that we are due to pay a huge amount of money and that I should pay it as soon as possible. They didn't continue with "if not or otherwise". It's just the way she said it made me believe that they are going to hold Noah for ransom and eventually sell him off to beg if we don't pay tomorrow. Noah can shake a can of coins pretty well.

Talking about bleeding money, yesterday we went out for breakfast at Giraffe and as we had some parking time left ( so i thought we did, not my fault as someone else paid the pay and display and it's not Noah), we went to John Lewis to look for a beanbag. We saw one which costs 300 pounds so we both slumped in it and it took some screaming from Noah from his stroller before we realized we had a baby and quickly got up. So we spent a good proportion of an hour there. It was so yummy to pass out on. We did that because we just knew it's not coming home with us. Gila la 300 for a bean bag.

So the beanbag became a tablecloth and became computer games and became ice cream and by the time we got to the car we were 1 hour over the parking time. There was a ticket on the windscreen and Ak went all quiet. I felt constipated because I had a compelling need to blame someone but it was me who insisted on ice cream. Probably best to pay sooner rather than later, they give you discount for paying propmtly. Yay. Joy.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Weirded out by..

I was walking back from the lake with Noah today when I saw 3 people outside one of the houses in my cul-de-sac. 2 girls and guy. Not sure what they were doing at first. Obvious though, that one of the girls was a hijabi. They were busy chatting. Snoopy snoop, aaa they were also smoking. I looked away, I looked up and just fumbled around my sling bag for something, or for nothing rather. Am I weird that I got weirded out by that?

A few days ago I was in the coffee room at work, when a girl who went off on maternity leave at the same time as me striked a conversation. She too just started back at work. We got chatting about our boys right down to their pooh pooh. I have actually since then managed to set a playdate and actually went, and got another follow up playdate scheduled. Still hadn't actually offered to host the playdate as house at the moment, or rather house is never going to be as pristine as her house. For example, as I stepped into her house a whiff of wood polish greeted me as suppose to our house where I don't think there is a single thing there that hadn't been slobber-polished by Noah.

Oh digression there. Back to the story. Another girl who was also there tetiba said "Childbirth is just wrong, why would you make your body go through such thing". Jealous ke , disgusted ke, lesbian ke entah le. In my head I thought 'Girl you're weird'.

If she told me instead that she is going to have a baby even if it means artificially done and pay 8000 pounds for a lady in Mumbai to surrogate the babies, I can understand. If she said she is 50 and still trying to conceive I can understand. If she said she once got drunk from drinking the water from Dayang Bunting Tasik, I can understand. Sedikit gila tapi boleh faham la kan. But to be healthy, young and about to marry an orthopaedic registrar and buat muka toye sambil implying we are gila for having babies, itu weird la kan.

Masa tu ada juga perasaan nak gumpal2 the newspaper she was reading pastu sapu sapu, or rather tenyeh tenyeh muka dia. But tiba2 muka angelic Noah tiba2 popped out from nowhere seraya berkata, 'My Mommy is so gentle she wouldn't dream of bitch slap sapa sapa, apatah lagi tenyeh tenyeh muka sapa sapa with newspaper, kan Mommy kan."

Terus tak jadi bertindak.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Mat Bunga.

That is Noah at 10 months. That sunny Easter weekend, we let him roam free on a paddock by the sea where we pit stopped between Lee and Ilfracombe. About 3 miles between the two places.

Actually it wasn't really a pit stop because we were on foot, but Noah was only just happy to be out of the carrier. Tengoklah muka toye dia. Hihihi. He jadi Mat Bunga sekejap because the hills were just covered with Marigold? He kutip kutip the bunga and makan makan the petals then changed himself back to Mat Nuh when he minum the susu. So itulah 'ability' Noah yang terbaru. Able to change from one Mat to another.

Just after this little escapade he started at the nursery and I started work. Oh my word, Noah terus tukar jadi Mat Kepits. All the time he wanted to berkepit with Mummy. So kesian Mummy tengok you traumatized. All the time thinking Mummy nak tinggal you sorang sorang ye. I went to the kitchen, 2 seconds later he's already at my feet.

So traumatized terus high grade fever, vomitting and diarrhoea.

Hoh, sudah bangun, sambung lain kali.

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