Thursday, February 09, 2006

Do you have to?

What can I say? I do feel sorry for not vending my thoughts in here more often. It’s just that when I do sit and spoon out some curds out of my clogged brain, I ended up fuelling some agitated souls, some broken hearts and some unsettled minds. I know it is in the past and I know it was due to my lack of dexterity when it comes to handling hearts . So all I can say is I am sorry and please do not visit this blog to make yourself and your feelings vulnerable to public to exorcise. It does me no good, and I doubt it makes you feel any better.

Some hours ago, I was driving back from work and I saw a decent looking man, standing in the cold, with a cardboard saying Immingham. Not obvious whether he was hungry or needing the loo the same time. If it was, I would be more troubled. All I can say is he looked like a genuine guy who needed a lift.

I know it’s on the way and I know that when he looked at me, I had this ‘ I wish I could give you a lift but I can’t’ type face. But how sure are you that he’s not an ex-prisoner on the way to see ex-girlfriend to extort some child benefit money from her and slit your throat just before he did all that? I know from experience that my first impression of somebody has a big big standard deviation.

Off tangent slightly but how do you become a Samaritan when at work earlier, nobody bothered about if I had a break for lunch or not. All I asked was for 5 minutes to gobble a sandwich and did anybody listen? Even when I was down in the cafeteria staring at the choices I had, which was tuna mayonnaise and tuna mayonnaise I was bleeped endlessly. When I got back to theatre, the patient was already there waiting. Did I not say, do not send for the patient till I get back? So I had to put away the food.

This is almost unrelated, more unrelated is when you try to help somebody, unless they give you evidence that at least they are not going harm you, it’s not a risk worth taking. But…tsssttt, tricky one that. I don’t know.

And plus, if you’re going to hitchhike, would it not make more sense to stand on the straight part of the road rather than the bend on the slip road? Who in the right mind would stop just when you’re just about to turn into a big motorway with trailers and cars behind you catching up like langoliers.

Enough with the huff.

Last night at our local Thai restaurant, I was interrogated by the Vagina and Bowels about the pink orchid in the living room. I don’t want to share it with anybody. I’ll let you know this though, when I asked him why he got me a pot of pink phalaenopsis, he said, I just had to get you this one.

I remember melting.

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