Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Mummy.

Just a quick birthday story.

So, the news on the street is it's my birthday today. True.

And so the story is Ak didn't get anything for me this year and I know that for sure because I have been with him all the time for the past two weeks. He couldn't have escaped to the nearest BMW dealer and ordered a car for me between fighting jetlag and sleep driving to work.

Last night, in his attempt to actually make me forget that it is my birthday today, he changed the date on my lap top. Juvenile but cute.

Apparently today is already 21st of September. Bolehlaaah as long as I am still the same age.

Above is Noah with all his Pak sepupus and Mak sepupus. Doesn't he look like an old man who'd just won a lottery? Hahahahhahaha.

I am smitten with this old man and with his old man.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Islamorado is the name of the restaurant.

We are back from Illinois! I certainly had far too much biryani and chocolate. Got chauffeured everywhere. I moved very little. I slept more than I needed. And.... Noah had a developmental spurt. If there is such thing.

In the 2 week period, he drank through a straw! It was in iHop or was it Panera, anyway, a restaurant for sure and Ak didn't believe me at first so , in the end poor Noah had to drink almost a glass full just so Mummy could convince Daddy. Stupid red straw. Mabuk air Mat Nuh ye. In the car I could hear the spish splash in his tummy. Lawak.

He sings Baba black sheep. Only the baba is recognizable , the rest of the song hits a different wave band, so only audible to a tuned ear like Mummy's. When he sings, bunyinya macam dikir barat on a Saturday afternoon.

He is walking! He actually started taking steps at 1 year 1 week at the nursery but during the holiday, he just walked everywhere, or shall I stay stumbled everywhere. His hands are pretty quick too so I had to make arrangements to my mother in law's interior decoration, if you know what I mean. All her jades and crystals and chinas were all piled on the dining table macam carboot sale. Still he looked at the pile with his airliur leleh leleh. I also would leleh if the jades are shaped like grapes and pretty little fruits.

Picture above was taken outside Islamorado. A restaurant I went to when I was about 7 weeks pregnant. Loya like hell and all I wanted to eat was fish. It has a massive wallsize aquarium and back then I said to myself, I would take 'the baby' back to the restaurant to look at the fish. And so I did.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Noah jetlag. Write more soon.

Friday, July 03, 2009

In the name of designer this, designer that.

Actually, I have lost all reasons why I am posting these pictures. Apart from they are not upright, the things are also hideous.

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