Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Where is Noah?

There you are in the snow.

Attention seeking Noah

He knows he can do nothing wrong. He knows when he makes a goofy face, I smile and play with him. Tak jadi lah nak buat (insert kerja rumah atau important phone call). He knows he's got me wrap around his finger. How la to leave you at the nursery.

Like I said I start work next week. Ak had this brilliant idea that we should do a dry run week. We leave him at the nursery but I would go back home and sort out anything that needs doing you know, bank stuff, car stuff, unpacking stuff. The point is so that he gets used to it and if things turn pear shape they can call me at home I'd pick him up. Ace idea. My husband got it all sorted in his head.

So that was suppose to happen 2 days ago. Yesterday, he called from work at noon.

Husband: So.......How you're doing? How's he doing?
Wife: Errr...(gugugagga in the distant) *Mouthing* Shhhhh Noah
Husband: He's at home isn't he?

Today , Noah is still at home with me. Hiiiihihihi. Ak should know that it will take more than a verbal order to get me to drop my son at the nursery.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A house with a garden

"Lihat semua bunga sedang kembang yang cantik gemilang siapa memandang..."

To those who instantly recognized the song, I am sorry to say that you are black and white and ancient. Well at least I am. I feel very.

So, before guilt feeds on me even more, I would like to confirm that yes we have moved ! Mak kata...laaaaa pindah lagiii. (Pitch tinggi sikit towards the end to add a motherly tone). I would like to blame the internet reconnection for the lack of updates but, I am afraid it is all down to tardiness. Tardy, useless, lazy can all be used to describe me at the moment. Ak told me to book a holiday for the Easter break, I said ok, but in the end he ended up doing it himself. He told me to cash in the cheques we got 3 weeks ago, I only did it today. He told me to sort out my car exhaust because it's 'turning heads', I am yet to do that. Malas kan?

This may sound like an excuse but, it's so true. I now have a child who demands my time and attention.

If I disappear to the kitchen, on cue, he'll crawl right up to my legs. When I open the freezer, dia sibuk nak masuk jugak dalam tu. Join ayam and frozen pizza. Ye betul Noah, boleh muat you masuk dalam tu, but that doesn't mean you can main main dalam freezer.

If I put on the jacket but not do the same to him, he'll scream blue murder. He thinks I was going to leave him. I was only going to put out the rubbish. Usually in a rush because I would only just remember the rubbish when I hear the rubbish truck. So with Noah screaming and the truck coming, panic la Mummy! Aiyoohhh, So adorable yet so distracting. How la Mummy nak do house chores. Let alone unpack the boxes piled in the spare room. That room still looks like we've just moved yesterday. Actually to be fair it's more like Mummy demands Noah's time and attention. Kesian dia nak main sometimes but his Mummy asyik2 mintak kiss kiss and cuddles. Then he's do the pout "leave me alone boleh tak?". Hahaha so classic.

Last week I found out that the baby clinic was held in the local church. So we went to check it out. My feeling was, it would be the last time I weigh him before he turns one. Nice big place. They even had a corner with lots of toys. Noah apa lagi giddy giddy with joy. 10.2 kg he was. He hasn't put on much weight since we last weighed him probably because of the cold he had right after we moved. Rindu Thames river itik and angsa I think. Mummy also rindu that house. It's very very special because that was your first house, you were 'born' in it.

But THIS house is going to be fun! now that you're mobile you can help Mummy tanam the sunflowers in the garden. We can't just have daffodils and bluebells. I say that, but between starting work next week and running errands bila nak tanam bunga matahari? Hmmmm

Those two had gone to bed ages ago and I am still blogging like a punggok. Better go get my shut eye, night ya'all di mana jua anda berada, even Japan! *wink*

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