Sunday, February 27, 2011

What we do on Thursdays.

I am an Indalay yeeba yeeba poiret boy and I am going to eat a big scary fish for tea. Arrrrrrrr me harty.

We have been going to this SureStart children center for a while now. It's called the LittleOwl. First time we went there, you met this boy called Thomas. You guys didn't waste anytime playing alongside each other, then together. You got on like a house on fire. It helps I guess that you were both wearing exactly the same Thomas the tank engine jacket. Icebreaker- nice. The next week he didn't come and you kept on asking about him, you are very good with names.

Hana, you were busy putting things in your mouth and shaking things to see if all is intact. You get bizarre excitement seeing things fall apart if you shake them really hard. The more terburai the thing is the harder you squeal. To date you still only have one tooth at the bottom and it makes it easy to tell if things been bitten by a mouse or you.

On that note, Mummy has been trying really hard to get you weighed Hana, because the last time we did that you just started eating and you were 8.5 kilos or so. It didn't look nice on the redbook chart because you went down a centile line. The trouble is you two always berak berjemaah and usually Hana berak the messiest all up the back. It's usually the silent ones without grunts and cherry red face. The ones with lots of noises usually come out very pretty like a cupcake. I like those ones.

This always happens around 9:30 am and that's when they do the strip and weigh the babies on Thursdays and by the time I sort both of you out and get you in the car, it's 10 and it didn't feel worth going there anymore. Plus the in-house paediatrician said "She looks fiiiiiine". I might not trust your Dad in the kitchen but his words are reassuring. Also I am getting cramps in my arm when I carry you around while trying to heat up dinner because that's the time when you like being on my hip. So you must be putting on weight. Wait. InsyaAllah.

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