Tuesday, February 08, 2011

There is usually an impetus to starting a blog. For example, birth of a precious baby, weddings and the debacle associated with preparing a wedding, travelling to places where the people they meet or make fun of can't actually get on the internet to read about what people write about them and the last one is of course the need for audience.

Sad and lame, but the truth is I think I fall into the last category. I started writing when I was (what felt like) nobody, thrown in the deepest end doing something (to me then) exciting, constantly in awe at everything that was going on around me. So much so that you want to go "look at that woooooww'. Only then there was nobody to do that to.

Now, so much is going on around me that still awes me but there is just not enough time to stop and go wow for too long. Like when Hana one morning decided to translocate herself from the bottom of the couch to right in front of the TV. That was definitely a wow moment.

I sometimes pretend to sleep... A little person then will come and go "wakey shakey mummyyyyyyyyyyy".

Auhhh my head.

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