Thursday, December 02, 2010

Have you had it?

It's 2 pm, those two are down for a nap and hopefully they will wake up before the sun disappears. The sun sets at around 4pm today. At the rate we are going, nobody gets any sun. I want to make a snowman kata Noah. Baiklah baiklah promised Mummynya yang dah pening cari gloves anaknya yang tak jumpa jumpa. Konon also Noah ni, if I let him, he would sleep for 4 hours and wake up crankier than cranky the crane.

I asked my mum again today if I have had chicken pox. She is still not sure. The first time I asked her, was when I got pregnant the first time and she said she wasn't sure. My thought was how la tak ingat, surely thoughts like habisla hodoh anak aku naik bintat bintat di muka or eh biji biji apa di badan anakku ni, best jugak kalau picit picit macam bubble wrapper, crossed a mum's mind. Now that Hana is going through a bintat bintat period, I realized it can be quite mild. Can be missed completely. I hope she doesn't get worse.

Noah was going through it on the second week of November. He was in a pretty bad shape.He was off food, vomiting, spiking temperature at night at one point I thought he was going to fit. He was delerious on and off. Good thing about Noah is he is an abiding patient. Cukup time he downed the paracetamol and water and terkulat kulat trying not to vomit. One time he tried but it came out through his nose. You've got to give it to the boy for trying.

On the same week we were planning to potty train him. It seems a little bit mean but we just had to start because he was beginning to look strange with the nappy on, like they don't get along, so we blitz through the chicken pox we did. We couldn't leave the house anyway.

Result? Oh boy he was so ready to be out of the nappies because after two days he was asking for the potty even when the nappy is on at night. Tad bit guilty for keep pushing it back. I blame it on Hana, she takes forever to finish feeding. How lah Mummy nak basuh berak Noah kan. I am glad though, he got some enjoyment out of the bintat and potty mark on his bottom period. Who doesn't like star stickers and Mr. Kipling cake slices? They are the key to successful potty training in 3 days. Rasuah tee hee.

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